Sale! Scubapro LiteHawk 2
Scubapro LiteHawk 2
  • Low-drag, low-profile progressively shaped air cell
  • Mono-bungee air cell elastication - keeps air cell streamlined when partially inflated
  • Constructed in durable 1000 Denier Nylon for long life wear
  • Weight integration: Compact gravity release pockets (2 X 2kg) / Rear trim weight pockets (2 X 1kg)
  • Flexible backpack – lightweight and foldable Airnet backpack dries fast and is padded for ultimate comfort 
  • Quick-Release rotating shoulder buckles for a custom fit and great freedom of movement
  • Height-adjustable sternum strap
  • 4 Stainless-steel D-rings
  • Available with Balanced Power Inflator or upgrade to AIR2
  • Weighs just 2.2kg (XS/S)
  • Available in XS/S, M/L & XL/XXL
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Aqualung i770R Petrol w/Transmitter
Aqualung i770R Petrol w/Transmitter
  • Air, Nitrox, Gauge dive modes, plus Free Dive
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ultra-bright Color Screen
  • Thin Film Transistor (TFT) color screen
  • Easy-to-use interface for perfect clarity under any conditions
  • 3-axis Full-tilt Compass
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Hoseless air integration
  • Gas Time Remaining algorithm
  • Up to 100% O2. Mix up to 3 Nitrox gases
  • Use 4 different transmitters and gas mixes on a single dive
  • Digital Compass
  • Audible alarms & high-visibility LED warning light
  • Updatable software
  • Water Activation
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
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IST Tortuga
IST Tortuga
  • "For your eyes only"
  • Yesh, you will look like James Bond wearing thish mask
  • The only mask you are allowed to wear on your forehead
  • Fine non-polished painting technology
  • Best for underwater photo shooting
  • Perfect for underwater battles
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Sale! Paralenz Vaquita
Paralenz Vaquita
  • 12MP RAW + jpeg
  • 4K at 60fps
  • 4K HDR at 30 fps
  • 1080p at 240fps
  • True Color OLED 180x120p
  • Live View (Viewfinder, Dive Profile Overlay)
  • Patented depth-controlled colour correction
  • Auto-Record: Adjust your preferred depth and it switches on automatically and starts recording.
  • WiFi 2.4G (5Ghz), Bluetooth, USB
  • Aluminum Alloy construction
  • Quick-Release Coupling with Triple O-Rings
  • No extra housing needed
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Weefine Solar Flare 25000 Video Light
Weefine Solar Flare 25000 Video Light
  • Brightness: 25000 lumens
  • Depth Rating: 100m/330ft
  • Beam Angle: 120 degrees on land/ 120 degrees underwater
  • Colour Temperature: 5600K, CRI90
  • Power Levels: 100%/80%/60%/40%/20%/300 lumens
  • Button: Dual push button with battery level indicator
  • Burn Time: Approx. 50 minutes (at 100% power)
  • Battery: 8*18650 wrapped to single cell
  • Charging Time: Around 4 hours
  • Dimensions: 73(Diameter of light head)*234(Length)
  • Weight: 1060g on land, 530g underwater

What's in the Box

  • WF075 Solar Flare 25000
  • Carry case
  • Mains charger
  • Li-ion battery
  • YS-mount
  • Spare O-rings
  • Multicolour pumper o-rings
  • *Special order
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Apeks RK3 HD
Apeks RK3 HD
  • HD stands for High Density
  • Fins are stiffer and heavier than the regular RK3 fins
  • Designed for divers who prefer a heavier fin
  • The RK3 HD is negatively buoyant
  • Traditional all-rubber design provides excellent performance
  • Come standard with stainless steel spring straps
  • Custom designed buckle holds spring straps in optimum position
  • Custom buckle is attached with stainless steel nut and bolt
  • Short wide blade provides maximum forward thrust
  • Vented blade design reduces resistance on the upstroke
  • Two large grommet holes on either end are designed to fit most carabineers
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Sale! Scubapro Synergy Twin Trufit
Scubapro Synergy Twin Trufit
  • Second-generation Trufit technology.
  • Dual lens, low-volume design.
  • Quick-release buckles attach to tabs on the skirt rather than on the frame.
  • Optimized strap angle and range of motion
  • Mask can be folded flat for easy packing
  • Blue/Clear and Silver/Black variants come with a Comfort mask strap.
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Weefine WED-7 Pro underwater monitor
Weefine WED-7 Pro underwater monitor
  • Screensize: 7-inch IPS, LED backlight screen
  • Screen brightness: 500 cd/m²
  • Screenpixels: 1920 x 1200
  • Power input: 3.7V 3400maH lithium battery
  • Input interface: HDMI in
  • Operating temperature: +0 to + 40° C
  • Dimensions: 198 x 132 x 39mm.
  • Weight: 1230gr on land / 280gr in water
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Weefine Ring Light 1000
Weefine Ring Light 1000

The Diving Equipment Weefine WF051 Ring Light gives you 1000 lumens (continuously) with 4 different power levels (100% / 75% / 50% / 25%) and can be easily mounted on any 67mm port, adapter and wet lens. Light swivels on … Continued

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Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix
Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix
  • Predictive Multi-Gas ZHL16 ADT MB algorithm accommodates three gases (21-100% O2).
  • PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) calculates an intermediate stop based on N2 loading, current and previous dives and breathing mixes for safer diving.
  • Microbubble levels let you adjust the level of conservatism in the algorithm to match your experience level, age and physical conditioning.
  • Three Dive modes: Scuba, Freediving and Gauge.
  • Computer screen features an updated LCD segmented display on the top and middle rows, plus an eye-pleasing matrix display on the bottom row.
  • Digital compass, displayed on the matrix bottom row, allows for on-the-spot navigation, at depth and on the surface.
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Aqualung Storm
Aqualung Storm
  • Barefoot open heel fin, made in a single TPV compound Monprene®
  • Ergonomic foot pocket ensures comfort, freedom and prevents fatigue
  • Silicone bungee strap equipped with heel pad for easy on-and-off
  • Strong compact blade aids efficient power transfer
  • Excellent grip on the underside to reduce slippage on deck
  • Access hole in the blade for easy transport and storage
  • Simplified size identification by colour-coding on the bungee protector and blade insert
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Sale! Scubapro MK25 Evo/A700 Carbon Black
Scubapro MK25 Evo/A700 Carbon Black
First Stage MK25 EVO
  • Air-balanced flow-through piston
  • Nickel plated brass body coated with DLC process
  • Extended thermal Insulating system
  • Key insulation system components are visible in blue
  • Spring insulating coating, body insulating bushing, anti-freeze cap, bigger body and cap thread
  • Anti-freeze protection
  • Two opposing high pressure ports
  • Four high-flow and one axial super high-flow low pressure ports
  Second Stage A700 Black Tech
  • Black Tech coating protects and lends a technical look to the second stage
  • Rugged full metal case and valve housing are able to withstand years of aggressive diving
  • Air-balanced valve smoothes out the inhalation effort at varying depths and supply pressures
  • DLC Black Tech coating on the metal body offers anti-scratch resistance and a glossy black look
  • Handmade full carbon fiber front cover provides excellent shock resistance
  • Metal construction increasing breathing sensitivity
  • User controls include a diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob
  • Coaxial-flow Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) lever
  • Airflow at 200bar: 2000 l/min
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