5 Reasons why you need a Dive Computer

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1. Dive tables are static. Dive computers are constant

Dive computers provide constant tracking of decompression status. The purpose of using a dive computer is to make diving safer and more enjoyable.It will give you more freedom on your dive because you will be able to constantly track no stop times,depth, temperature etc.


2. Dive Computers give you longer bottom time

Dive computers can accurately calculate the amount of time you should be allowed underwater because it can take into account the changing depths when diving on multi-level dives.

If you would calculate your allowed bottom time using only a dive table, you would not be able to take into account the amount of time spent at shallow depths compared to deeper levels.


3. They offer more accurate time and depth information

One of the hardest things to do when diving is to accurately determine the bottom time and max depth of a dive.

Often, these figures are not accurately recorded making dive table calculations imperfect. If you use a dive computer you can completely eliminate your worries about dive time and maximum depth inaccuracies.


4. They feature an ascent rate

You know that it is important to ascend slowly from your dive. Going faster than the usual rate of nine metres per minute might increase the chance of experiencing decompression sickness.

While a dive table may tell when you should ascend from a dive, it cannot tell you how fast you are actually ascending when you are diving. Dive computers on the other hand, have built in ascent rate monitors that will warn you if you are coming up too quickly.


5. Dive Computers with air integration are more helpful than you know

Air integrated dive computers provide additional information such as cylinder pressure and the amount of air supply still left.

These can be difficult to calculate in different diving conditions, so having a dive computer with an air integration component is a great safety feature which can help to prevent an out of air situation.


The best investment any diver can make

Using a dive computer provides many safety features. It allows novice and experienced divers to eliminate the problem of inaccurate information and potential misuse of dive tables.


Dive technology has taken a giant leap forward in the past 10 years. Computers are much smaller now and are ‘office friendly’. Most computers have built in thermometers so no more guessing the water temperature. Full stop watch features, duel clock and log book with detailed history. These are are all STANDARD features.


There is no doubt that dive computers will give you the freedom to enjoy your diving experience more fully. Letting you spend more time in the water at greater depths because of more accurate calculations.



But, which computer to choose? Now that you know why you need a dive computer have a look at some of the Types and Style available.