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The water is clear, the view seemingly endless.  Suddenly a silhouette approaches out of the distance.  What starts off as only a dark outline quickly turns out to be a school of barracuda. Your buddy, however, does not notice them.

The perfect time to use your BUDDY-WATCHER!

You push the call button and in the blink of an eye your buddy’s device vibrates.  He looks at you and sees you pointing at the barracuda.

This is but one of many possible situations in which the BUDDY-WATCHER can be used for easy and fast communication between dive buddies.

As you know, your buddy is the ultimate backup – ready to assist if you run into any problems. Ideally, buddies remain within touching distance of each other. But we know this is rarely the case as buddies explore dive sites, wandering outside each other’s immediate range. Some divers carry tank bangers just for this purpose. But of course when there’s an analog device, a new, electronic gadget will surely come along. The new Buddy-Watcher is this gadget!


Product highlights

  • The first of its kind
  • German sonar vibration technology
  • 20m radius
  • 40m depth rated
  • 6 hours battery life (5 – 6 dives)
  • Charger included
  • Maintenance-free
  • Future firmware upgrades (new functions)
  • Can be used in any diving environment (anything from snorkeling – cave diving)
  • Endorsed by DAN America, DAN Europe and DAN South Africa
  • Not harmful to marine life


How does it work?

Press the call button on your Buddy-Watcher – your buddy’s Buddy-Watcher vibrates. You have his/her full attention. The Buddy-Watcher vibrates quite a bit (like a 2001 Nokia 3310). You can wear it like a dive computer around your wrist or even higher up your arm if you wish.


3 different versions to choose from


SetBuddy-Watcher® SET (sold as a set)

The SET comes in at a very reasonable price and is perfect for divers of all levels. It includes 2 units so you and your buddy are set to go immediately.

ProBuddy-Watcher® PRO (sold in a set)

Prior to the dive you can set a maximum distance between the two dive buddies of either 5m or 10m. If one of the buddies crosses that distance the Buddy-Watcher alerts you via vibration. This helps you prevent losing your dive buddy.

MasterBuddy-Watcher® MASTER (sold as a single unit)

The Master set is made with Divemasters and Dive Instructors in mind. It gives you the ability to communicate with the entire group underwater. No more searching for those ‘lost’ buddy teams!


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