Apeks Coloured Mouthpiece Kit
Apeks Coloured Mouthpiece Kit
  • Set of 4 mouthpieces
  • Compact and comfy
  • Personalize your second stage
  • Perfect for tech divers colour coding stage regulators
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Apeks Mouthpiece
Apeks Mouthpiece
  • Apeks Standard Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Black
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Apeks Wetnotes
Apeks Wetnotes
  • Durable ballistic nylon outer cover.
  • 23-page reusable and replaceable underwater notebook.
  • Bungee elastic pencil holder and solid graphite pencil.
  • Embroidered Apeks logo.
  • Two transparent pockets to accommodate deco tables, compass and cutting devices.
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Aqualung DIN – Yoke Adapter
Aqualung DIN – Yoke Adapter
  • A must have for every diver!
  • Changes DIN - Yoke in seconds
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Aqualung Fast Strap
Aqualung Fast Strap
  • Easy clips to swap your strap in seconds
  • No More Hair Tangles!
  • Does not have to fit a specific buckle
  • Fits on most standard buckles.
  • Continuously adjustable
  • One size fits all
  • NEW Designs! Awaiting stock
  • Contact us to confirm availability
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Aqualung Freediving Buoy 50L
Aqualung Freediving Buoy 50L
  • Oral Inflator & Dump valve.
  • 3 robust handles and 3 lateral handles to hold in the water.
  • Large opening zipper on the top.
  • Fast drainage thanks to the Single-layer net design at the bottom.
  • 1 D buckle at the bottom.+ 2 D buckles on the side.
  • Standard diving flag to be fixed inside the dedicated loop.
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Aquaseal Seagold Anti-Fog Gel
Aquaseal Seagold Anti-Fog Gel
  • Powerful, long lasting formula
  • Clear gel leaves no coloured residue
  • Concentrated – Provides up to 600 applications
  • Non-abrasive – Safe for all glass and plastic lenses
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable and alcohol-free
  • 37ml bottle
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Aquaseal Wetsuit Shampoo
Aquaseal Wetsuit Shampoo
  • Shampoo for neoprene and watersports gear
  • Prevents premature aging and oxidation
  • Ideal for wetsuits, drysuits, boots and gloves, lycra suits and more
  • Leaves neoprene clear of organic residue, chlorine and salt deposits
  • 237ml bottle
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Aquasure glue
Aquasure glue
  • Previously branded as Aquaseal
  • 21 gram tube
  • Flexible sealant
  • Repairs wetsuits or drysuits and many other types of water sports products
  • Known the world over as the number 1 dive gear glue
  • Bonds so strong it can hold broken families together
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Cylinder Boot
Cylinder Boot
  • Rubber boot for steel cylinder
  • Available in 2 sizes
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Sale! Cylinder Net
Cylinder Net
  • Durable black steel cylinder protective net
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H2O Cyalume
H2O Cyalume
  • 15.24cm glow stick
  • Completely waterproof
  • Glows up to 6 hours
  • Available in assorted colours
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