Apeks Wetnotes
Apeks Wetnotes
  • Durable ballistic nylon outer cover.
  • 23-page reusable and replaceable underwater notebook.
  • Bungee elastic pencil holder and solid graphite pencil.
  • Embroidered Apeks logo.
  • Two transparent pockets to accommodate deco tables, compass and cutting devices.
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Aqualung DIN – Yoke Adapter
Aqualung DIN – Yoke Adapter
  • A must have for every diver!
  • Changes DIN - Yoke in seconds
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Colour Kit
Colour Kit
  • Scubapro mouthpiece and first stage hose protector
  • Universal - fits on all regulators
  • Easy Way to Customize Your Regulator
  • Match your regulator to the rest of your gear
  • Distinguish your mixes on tech dives
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H2O Fin Grips
H2O Fin Grips
  • Worn around ankle over fins
  • For use with closed-heel fins
  • Perfect for Freediving, Spear Fishing and snorkeling
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H2O Tyre Inflator
H2O Tyre Inflator
  • Tyre Inflator
  • Connects to BCD Inflator hose
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Junior Mouthpiece
Junior Mouthpiece
  • Supercomfort Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Improves comfort and jaw fatigue
  • Made for people with small mouths
  • Perfect for ladies and children
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Oceanic Comfort Mask Strap
Oceanic Comfort Mask Strap
  • Comfort Neoprene strap
  • The most comfortable mask strap on the market!
  • Fits most masks
  • Adjust it once and never worry about it again
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Oceanic Silicon Comfort Strap
Oceanic Silicon Comfort Strap
  • Universal neoprene/silicon strap
  • Designed for ultimate comfort and enjoyment
  • Eliminates hair pulling!
  • Perfect for people with long hair
  • No more constant adjusting underwater
  • Popular with Dive Instructors
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Sale! Scubapro Blow Gun
Scubapro Blow Gun
  • Length: 9cm.
  • Black rubber flexible nozzle.
  • LP Max 12 Bar.
  • Simply bend the inflator and it blows air.
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Scubapro Comfort Mask Strap
Scubapro Comfort Mask Strap
  • Ideal addition to your Scubapro mask.
  • Uses the same design concept as a strap used on ski goggles.
  • Enhances mask comfort and protects hair from knots and pulls.
  • Easy to attach, easy to use.
  • This is NOT a universal strap. See list bellow
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Sale! Scubapro Standard Belt
Scubapro Standard Belt
  • Stainless Steel Buckle
  • 1.5m Webbing
  • No weights included
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Scubapro SuperComfort Mouthpiece
Scubapro SuperComfort Mouthpiece
  • Scubapro Mouthpiece made using the highest grade of surgical silicone
  • Long bite mouthpieces have long bite tabs to reduce jaw fatigue
  • Pressure distributed from the mouthpiece across more of the diver's teeth
  • Larger Bore connection tube for higher flow rate
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