Aqualung Amika Snorkeling Pack
Aqualung Amika Snorkeling Pack
  • Set includes BLUE mask, snorkel and fins
  • Duetto LX mask
  • Air Flex purge snorkel
  • Amika fins
  • Bag for transporting your snorkel gear
  • The fin has to be worn bare foot or with socks
  • All the Flexar technology in a lighter and compact fin.
  • Powerful and perfect for travelling (suited for swimming pools)
  • Complete light set (1kg)
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Aqualung Axiom Black
Aqualung Axiom Black
  • Wrapture Harness System (pat. pend.)
  • SureLock II Mechanical Weight Release System (patented)
  • The GripLock Tank Band is a strong, secure way to attach the cylinder to the BC
  • Uses a super streamlined air cell design
  • The low profile flat valves reduce drag when moving through the water.
  • A bladder retraction system is used to pull in the sides of the bladder during deflation
  • The chest strap can be adjusted for personal comfort
  • Fixed pockets on the tank band increase weight capacity
  • A scooped octo-pocket on the top, front of the right lobe
  • Large, easy-to-access, utility pockets found on either side of the Axiom
  • Knife attachment points are found on the left lobe
  • Features 5 stainless steel D-rings and 1 plastic D-ring
  • Right shoulder pull dump is easy to locate and use
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Aqualung Classic Bag
Aqualung Classic Bag
  • PVC coated 1200 Decitex Nylon
  • Two carrying handles and shoulder strap
  • One exterior pocket
  • One fin pocket
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Aqualung Deutto Midi LX/Airflex Purge Set
Aqualung Deutto Midi LX/Airflex Purge Set
  • Hi-Flex 3D Buckles System can rotate both up-and-down and in-and-out for a customized and pinch-free fit.
  • Hi-quality technopolimer frame construction for dimensional stability and product durability.
  • 4 mm tempered glasses - to reduce weight - Wide field of vision - the frame sets the lenses close to the eyes and angles them slightly downward for an excellent field of view, especially on the vertical plane
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Aqualung Dive 5mm
Aqualung Dive 5mm
  • 2017 version - image may vary from actual product
  • 5mm AquaFlex 4-way high stretch neoprene used throughout.
  • Outer fabric is a tighter weave making it more hook and loop resistant.
  • Inner fabric is soft and easy to don.
  • Non-petroleum based neoprene raw material is more environmentally friendly.
  • Skin-in neck seal provides comfortable stretch and seals out water. Closes with hook and loop.
  • Heavy duty non-corrosive metal zipper for durability.
  • Glued and blindstitched seams.
  • Three way zipper seal minimises water entry.
  • Spine pad is integrated as part of three way zipper seal.
  • Pre-bent anatomic legs and arms.
  • The knee pads are durable and stretchy for comfort.
  • Ultra stretch wrist and ankles.
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Aqualung Dive Hood
Aqualung Dive Hood
  • 4mm face seal
  • High stretch neoprene
  • Easy to put on
  • Doesn't pull your hair
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Aqualung Dry Bag 16L
Aqualung Dry Bag 16L
  • Volume: 16 Litres
  • Waterproof roll top opening
  • The grey colour reflects heat when left in the sun, reducing internal and external temperatures.
  • Waterproof heat welded seams protect your gear and keep your wet gear from leaking out.
  • Durable nylon Duraflex buckles.
  • 500D Nylon Core 0.6mm double coated Tarpaulin material
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Aqualung Explorer Mesh Bag
Aqualung Explorer Mesh Bag
  • The Mesh Duffel is the perfect excursions bag for your dive trip.
  • The padded air mesh walls protect your delicate gear while also allowing it to dry quickly.
  • The front side of the bag has anchor loops for mounting easy access gear with carabineers or securing your bag to the deck of the boat.
  • The compact design folds to 8 x 24 x 37 cm for easy packing on long trips.
  • The Tarpaulin sleeve pocket is designed to hold small items and also provides a dry spot for our hip while carrying the bag.
  • D-rings for optional shoulder strap
  • This bag does NOT have rollers
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Aqualung Express ADJ
Aqualung Express ADJ
  • Mid-Foot Flex Joint. This eliminates hyper-extension of the toes and ankles
  • The foot pocket is not only comfortable, but provides different thickness zones which properly secure the foot to the blade for maximum energy transfer
  • Rubber side ribs channel the water down the length of the fin minimizing the spill-over effect
  • The spring strap offers a soft TPR heel pad along with Aqua Lung’s own proprietary buckles
  • Over-sized, anti-slip rubber pads on the bottom of the fin
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Aqualung Favola/Zephyr Set
Aqualung Favola/Zephyr Set
  • Tempered Glasses & Wide field of vision
  • Easy adjustable silicon head strap and silicone skirt
  • Anti-shock frame
  • Snorkel splash guard with purge channel
  • Elyptical purge valve and silicone antomic mouthpiece
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Aqualung i200
Aqualung i200
  • Black Friday Special includes download cable!
  • 4 operating modes. Air, Nitrox, Gauge
  • High visibility LED alarm light
  • Switch between up to 2 Nitrox mixes
  • Single button access to last dive display
  • Deep Stop with Countdown Timer
  • History Mode records last 24 dives
  • User-updatable software
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Aqualung i200 USB Interface
Aqualung i200 USB Interface
  • Aqua Lung PC Interface for i200 Dive Computer
  • Allows Full Logbook Information Download
  • Eliminates Hand Written Logging
  • PC or Mac Compatible
  • Note: DiverLog Can Be Downloaded from
  • USB Cable Assembly
  • Dive Profiles with Color Graphics
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