Sealife Buoyancy Weight
Sealife Buoyancy Weight
  • Attaches to the accessory mount under all SeaLife underwater cameras
  • Includes 3 different mounting knob sizes for a variety of configurations
  • Weight: 28g
  • Rubber-armored
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Sealife Fisheye Wide Angle Lens
Sealife Fisheye Wide Angle Lens
  • Super Wide Angle Lens increases field of view by 80%
  • 60m Waterproof
  • Fits all DC series SeaLife cameras
  • 16mm Effective Focal Length on the SeaLife DC1400 underwater camera
  • Dome-shaped lens obtains maximum field of view underwater
  • Easily attach/remove lens while underwater
  • Features an lens guard designed to protect lens from coming into contact with hard surfaces or your subject
  • Includes lens dock, neoprene lens cover and safety lanyard
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Sealife Micro HD Close up Lens
Sealife Micro HD Close up Lens
  • Get closer and capture super macro photos!
  • Focusing range of 15 to 61cm
  • Removable underwater
  • Lanyard to secure it to the camera while in use
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Sealife Moisture Muncher
Sealife Moisture Muncher
  • Absorbs moisture to prevent fogging and corrosion of your valuable electronics and cameras.
  • Use inside an airtight storage case or container to create a perfect dry environment for your valuable items.
  • Each bag contains 1 ounce of powerful moisture absorbing granules and colour indicating crystals.
  • When crystals turn from blue to pink colour, it's time to replace the bag.
  • Protection against corrosion, fogging and mildew in Sealife Dive Travel case and all-purpose cases.
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