Sale! Oceanic Alpha9/Oceanpro
Oceanic Alpha9/Oceanpro
The Oceanic Alpha 9 Oceanpro set is a dependable and economical set that outperforms many high-end Hard Gear sets. The SP-5 piston 1st Stage exceeds European CE standards and the Alpha9 gives you effortless breathing in a compact design that is extremely tough. The regulator features a modular SPG with a depth rating of 60m.The fadeless Oceanpro is one of the toughest BCD's on the market, comes with QLR4 weight system (included in SET price) and has 2 Large Main Pockets with enough room for all your accessories.
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Sale! Oceanic Zeo/Biolite
Oceanic Zeo/Biolite
This Oceanic travel set brings together one of the most stylish regulators the industry has seen in years and one of the lightest travel BCD's you've ever picked up. The pneumatically-balanced ZEO regulator is a marvel of precision, durability and comfort. It comes coupled with the popular, reliable Alpha9 octo. The regulator features a modular SPG with a depth rating of 60m. The Biolite travel BCD keeps things simple with clean, straightforward design that focuses on comfort and convenience. It weighs only 2.5kg! If you travel a lot and want reliability and style, this set is for you!
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Sale! Omega3/Excursion
The Omega3/Excursion is Oceanic's ultimate ergonomic SET, designed with serious divers in mind. The sleek Omega 3 side exhaust regulator turns conformity on its side. It's Nitrox compatible up to 40%, Pneumatically balanced and is Ambidextrous. The regulator features a modular SPG with a depth rating of 60m. Built for use in both recreational and technical diving, the Excursion is extremely comfortable and stable, the ultimate BC for the serious adventurer. Up front, there's nothing but contoured harness straps and a couple of integrated weight pockets. You're uncluttered, unencumbered, breathing easier than on dry land and looking good!
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