Apeks DS4/ATX40 Combo
Apeks DS4/ATX40 Combo
First Stage
  • Over-balanced, diaphragm design
  • 1 HP port and 4 LP ports are available
  • Environmental dry system keeps water out of the main chamber
Second Stage
  • Pneumatically-balanced second stage
  • The integrated venturi control
  • Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece
  • A heat exchanger (patented)
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Apeks Flight Pack
Apeks Flight Pack
  • Pneumatically balanced first and second stage for superior performance
  • Impact protection
  • Anti-snag yoke handwheel in A Clamp
  • Integrated Venturi System
  • Large tough purge
  • Excellent bubble diversion
  • Neutrally buoyant
  • Lightweight hoses
  • 4 medium pressure ports
  • 2 high pressure ports
  • In line hose position
  • Weight of A Clamp: 459g
  • The Flight has passed the European Standards test and achieved the CE mark for diving in water above 10 degrees c
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Apeks MTX-R Stage3
Apeks MTX-R Stage3
  • A first of its kind, over-moulded first-stage end cap and environmental diaphragm
  • Developed in accordance with the United States Navy Experimental Dive Unit extreme cold water test
  • Forged 1st stage body gives maximum thermal performance
  • Ribbed diaphragm clamp on the 1st stage ensures improved heat exchange in cold water conditions
  • Angled HP ports allow for optimal hose routing and transmitter fitting
  • Over-balanced diaphragm, environmentally sealed 1st Stage
  • Pneumatically balanced 2nd Stage
  • Protection from impact damage on both the 1st and 2nd Stage
  • Simple to use 2nd stage with a reduced chance of free flow
  • Double swivel hose for greater freedom and comfort.
  • Patented heat exchanger surrounds the valve mechanism, dissipating the cold caused by gas expansion while drawing in the warmth of the ambient water
  • Tested for Octopus use to 60 metres in cold water
*Does not include pressure gauge
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Apeks XTX 200/XTX50
Apeks XTX 200/XTX50

First Stage:

  • Unique over-balanced, diaphragm design - as the diver descends, the over-balancing feature allows the medium pressure gas in the hose to increase at a rate faster than ambient. This results in superior performance at depth.
  • 2 HP ports and 4 MP ports are angled for optimum hose routing
  • An environmental dry system keeps water out of the main spring chamber thus preventing ice buildup and keeping silt and contamination out

Second Stage:

  • Pneumatically-balanced second stage results in smooth, easy breathing
  • The XTX purge buttons are large and easy to operate. A 2-stage progressive purge is used. Press the purge on the side for a lower flow rate, useful where more control is required such as filling lift bags etc, then press in the center for the full effect of the purge, i.e. when regulator clearing etc.
  • The large venturi lever has a soft touch rubber grip, which makes it easier to locate and use. The lever reduces the amount of grit ingress and therefore resists any possible friction giving a smooth operation.
  • Easy-to-grip opening effort control knob keeps the diver in control
  • The 2nd stage is manufactured with active protection against infection as all molded parts are produced with an additive that kills MRSA, protects against E-Coli, bacteria and fungi, and is also very effective against viruses, mould, yeast and algae.
  • A silicone exhaust valve improves the breathing performance of the regulator
  • The Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece virtually eliminates jaw-fatigue
  • A heat exchanger (patented) which surrounds the valve mechanism, dissipates the cold caused by gas expansion while drawing in the warmth of the ambient water
  • A heat exchanger (patented) which surrounds the valve mechanism, dissipates the cold caused by gas expansion while drawing in the warmth of the ambient water


  • he XTX50 Octopus has a breathing effort control knob
  • The XTX purge buttons are large and easy to operate
  • Can be converted from a right-handed hose configuration
  • Braided flexi-hose
  • Compatible with EAN40 out of the box
  • Pneumatically-balanced
  • The large venturi lever
  • A heat exchanger (patented)
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Apeks XTX50 + XTX50 Octo
Apeks XTX50 + XTX50 Octo
1st Stage
  • Chrome over marine brass
  • Over-balanced diaphragm design
  • Environmentally sealed
  • LP ports mounted on swivel turret
  • 40% O2 ready, out of the box
2nd Stage and Octo
  • Pneumatically balanced
  • Opening Effort Control Knob
  • Integrated Venturi Lever
  • 40% O2 ready, out of the box / Can be cleaned to 100%
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Aqualung Titan Classic Pack
Aqualung Titan Classic Pack
1st Stage
  • Balanced-diaphragm
  • T-shaped making it more compact
  • Features 2 HP ports and 4 LP ports
  • Improved yoke screw eliminates trapped water
  • Compatible with EAN 40 new, out of the box
2nd Stages
  • Mid-size, high performance demand valve
  • Easy-to-grip venturi knob stops unwanted freeflow
  • Can be reversed from right-handed to left-handed configuration
  • Comes with Comfo-Bite™ mouthpiece
  • Reinforced polycarbonate material
*Includes Titan Octo
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