Apeks Sidemount Set
Apeks Sidemount Set

Sold as a complete set with:

  • 2 ea. XTX50 DIN regulators with 5 port swivel turrets
    • One XTX50 has a 83” / 210cm hose
    • One XTX50 has a 24” / 60cm hose
  • 2 ea. custom length MP inflation hoses (one for buoyancy system, one for drysuit)
  • 2 ea. brass pressure gauges with 6 inch hoses (units in PSI)
  • 1 ea. 90° elbow fitting
  • 1 ea. bungee necklace
  • 1 ea. stainless steel clip
  • 2 sets of short exhaust ports
  • Regulator bag to hold all
  • Setup illustration, CD manual and quick start guide
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Sale! Hollis 100LX DC3 SET
Hollis 100LX DC3 SET
The 100LX set is a high performance regulator at a mid-range price. The 100LX is a balanced 2nd stage that can be converted from right-handed to left-handed hose configuration . It is paired with the DC3 for a great value regulator. The DC3 has achieved legendary status among tech regulators. It has 5 LP ports to give you the opportunity to use your regulator for sidemount diving. Also included is a Hollis Brass SPG for accurate air pressure reading and standard LP inflator hose for your BCD.
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Sale! Hollis 200LX DCX SET
Hollis 200LX DCX SET
Flagship regulator set from Hollis includes high end components. This is a set for serious recreational divers, dive professionals and tec divers. The DCX high-performance first stage is pneumatically balanced with a 5th low pressure port that points directly down from the first stage providing easy hose routing for backmounted doubles, sidemount or even for recreational divers. The second stages are both over-balanced which will give you (and your buddy) easy breathing in any situation, at any depth. Also included is the standard Brass SPG from Hollis, aimed at divers who own a computer. No strings attached, just your air pressure in an ultra strong housing. We also included a low pressure inflator hose. This set is ready to dive.
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