Apeks Coloured Mouthpiece Kit
Apeks Coloured Mouthpiece Kit
  • Set of 4 mouthpieces
  • Compact and comfy
  • Personalize your second stage
  • Perfect for tech divers colour coding stage regulators
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Apeks Griplock Tank Buckle
Apeks Griplock Tank Buckle
  • Secures Cylinder - The GripLock Tank Band is a band that is a safe and easy solution for securing a cylinder to a BCD.
  • Finger-Saver - The innovative Finger-Saver feature makes the GripLock safe by eliminating painful pinched fingers.
  • Macro-adjustment - The macro-adjustment is set just once until you change to a cylinder with a different diameter. Three presets cover the various diameter. Three presets cover the various diameter cylinders in the field today.
  • Micro-adjustment - The micro-adjustment can be used for fine-tuning the fit after the band is on the cylinder. If you line up the inside edges of the hook n loop on the micro-adjustable side of the tank band, it will be perfectly set for an AI80 cylinder.
  • Traction Pad - There are rubber traction pad on the backside of the GripLock that provides added security.
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Apeks Single Tank Adaptor
Apeks Single Tank Adaptor
  • The single tank adapter is a great way to quickly attach a single cylinder to a back plate or the WTX harness.
  • Made of 316 stainless steel
  • Weighs 1 lb. 1 oz. (490g) without hardware
  • Comes with 2 sets of bolts and one pair of washers and wing nuts
  • Nylon tank bands are not included and may be purchased separately
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Apeks Wetnotes
Apeks Wetnotes
  • Durable ballistic nylon outer cover.
  • 23-page reusable and replaceable underwater notebook.
  • Bungee elastic pencil holder and solid graphite pencil.
  • Embroidered Apeks logo.
  • Two transparent pockets to accommodate deco tables, compass and cutting devices.
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Aqualung DIN – Yoke Adapter
Aqualung DIN – Yoke Adapter
  • A must have for every diver!
  • Changes DIN - Yoke in seconds
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Scubapro Backplate Storage Pad
Scubapro Backplate Storage Pad
  • Attaches easily to the backplate
  • Includes mounting screws
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Scubapro Crotch Strap
Scubapro Crotch Strap
  • Crotch strap for your harness
  • 2 Stainless Steel D-Rings
  • 2 Stainless Steel retainers
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Sale! Scubapro Digital 330m
Scubapro Digital 330m
  • Actual and maximum depth, ascent speed, dive time in minutes and temperature
  • Auto on/off feature means it's always ready to dive after a quick self-test
  • Variable ascent rates are displayed in a percentage and with a fast ascent warning
  • Depth-rated to 330m to suit all technical deep-diving scenarios
  • Surface interval is displayed for 24 hours
  • Logbook provides data for the last nine dives
  • Provides automatic altitude compensation when changing dive locations
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Scubapro Shoulder Pads
Scubapro Shoulder Pads
  • Shoulder pads for your harness
  • Durable Nylon material and webbing
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Scubapro Single Tank Adaptor
Scubapro Single Tank Adaptor
  • Attaches to assembly point to extend the stainless steel back plate for dives with single tanks
  • Includes two SCUBAPRO Super-Cinch straps for optimal tank attachment.
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Scubapro SMB Pouch
Scubapro SMB Pouch
  • Pouch for SMB
  • Specially designed for X-Tek HS wings
  • *Does not include SMB
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Scubapro Stainless Steel Tank Bands
Scubapro Stainless Steel Tank Bands
  • Stainless steel bands for the assembly of a twinset
  • Two sizes available: 10l or 12l long tanks and 12l short/15l/18l tanks
  • 50mm wide, double reinforcement at the fixing point, laser etched SCUBAPRO logo
  • Kit of 2 bands, 2x long screws and 2x thumb screws
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