Sale! Apeks MTX-R Sidemount Set
Apeks MTX-R Sidemount Set
  • 2 ea. DPT DIN 1st stages with 5 port swivel turrets.
  • 2 ea. MTX-R second stages.
  • 210cm double swivel hose.
  • 61cm double swivel hose
  • 2 ea. 25cm length MP inflation hoses (one for buoyancy system, one for drysuit)
  • 2 ea. TEK pressure gauges with 18cm hoses
  • 1 ea. 90° elbow fitting
  • 1 ea. bungee necklace
  • 1 ea. bungee clip
  • 1 ea. stainless steel bolt snap
  • 2 sets of short exhaust ports
  • Regulator bag
  • Setup illustration, CD manual and quick start guide
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  • High-quality chrome plated SPG
  • Black-faced SPG with luminescent numbers and hand that glows in the dark when charged with a light.
  • The black face helps reduce glare and preserve night vision in low light environments i.e. inside a cave or wreck.
  • 0 – 360 bar / 0 – 5000 psi scale
  • Max working pressure 300 Bar/4350 psi
  • Tempered glass face
  • 52mm / 2” diameter face
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Scubapro Sidemount Regulator Kit
Scubapro Sidemount Regulator Kit

Delivering top-of-the-line performance in all diving conditions, this premium package is the go-to air delivery system for cold water and technical/cave diving. Rugged, reliable and unrivalled in this category, this offering will take you safely to those less-dived, more extreme … Continued

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Scubapro Twinset Regulator Kit
Scubapro Twinset Regulator Kit
  • MK25 EVO DIN300 X 2
  • G260 X 2
  • Compact SPGs X 2
  • 64cm LP Hose X 2
  • 75cm LP Hose
  • 200cm LP Hose
  • Two BPI Couplings
  • 20cm HP Hose
  • 80cm HP Hose
  • Regulator Necklace
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