Aqualung Transmitter REV2
Aqualung Transmitter REV2
  • Hoseless Gas Pressure for the i450T and i750T
  • Permanently paired and will not accidentally pair with other computers
  • Battery is user changeable and commercially available
  • O2 clean 100%
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Oceanic Transmitter
Oceanic Transmitter
  • Compatibility: Oceanic OC1, Data-Mask, Atom 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0, VT, VT3, V, VT, VT3 and VT4
  • Eliminates HP Hose and Pressure Gauge
  • User Replaceable 3.6v CR2 Battery
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
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Suunto LED Transmitter
Suunto LED Transmitter
  • Compatible with Suunto air-integrated dive computers, DX, D9tx, D6i, D4i, D9, Vyper Air, HelO2
  • Monitor tank pressure and air consumption data wirelessly from dive computer
  • Green LED light indicates active data sending
  • Battery life approx. 2 years (100 dives/year)
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