Sale! Buddy-Watcher® PRO
Buddy-Watcher® PRO
  • The first ever silent signal transmitter
  • Communicate with your buddy using vibration
  • PRO function – set a max. distance between buddies of either 5m or 10m
  • If you cross the distance the Buddy-Watcher alerts you via vibration
  • No banging on tanks or using noisy shakers anymore!
  • Break-resistant high grade plastic
  • 80m radius
  • Max depth: 40m
  • Suitable for salt water and fresh water
  • Device is maintenance-free
  • Rechargeable battery: polymer-lithium-ion battery
  • Battery is sufficient for 6 dives of 60 minutes
  • Battery lifetime: 300+ charging cycles
  • Charging with conventional USB chargers is possible
  • Important: Buddy-Watcher is not harmful for the marine environment
  • Future firmware upgrades: new functions can be transferred to the Buddy-Watcher with a firmware update
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