Byrna HD Ready Pepper Pistol Kit


  • Powerful 91m per second Speed
  • .68 Calibre
  • For non-lethal self-defence
  • Effective at up to 60ft/18m
  • Includes: Self Defence Pepper Rounds, Training Rounds, Spare Mag & CO2 Cartridges
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The Byrna HD Ready Pepper Pistol is a powerful and fast non-lethal self-defense pistol featuring a speed of 91m per second! The Byrna is the first of its kind, a powerful air-fired handheld personal security device available to everyone. A non-lethal device that can effectively deter, disorient and delay attackers. The compact design of the Byrna allows it to be hidden comfortably inside a purse or inside a concealed carry holster.

The BYRNA is the most effective (non-lethal) consumer self-defence weapon available on the market today. It fires a .68 calibre projectile filled with a powder containing PEPPER (OC) and TEAR GAS (CS). When an assailant is hit with the pepper filled round they are immediately incapacitated (they cannot see and have extreme difficulty breathing for several minutes), providing time for you and your family to escape danger.

Unlike most other non-lethal self-defence weapons such as Pepper Spray or even a Taser, the Byrna is effective at distance, allowing you to disarm the threat before it escalates.

While most other self-defence weapons (including the consumer version of the Taser) have a range of 5 to 15 feet, the Byrna is effective to 60 feet. As you can see the Byrna looks like a handgun and with a laser sight, assailants will be convinced they are facing someone with deadly force. The statistic shows that in such cases 94% of the time, assailants flee without any shot being fire.

If you have to fire a shot, however, you can completely incapacitate the assailant with NO PERMANENT INJURY and NO CHANCE OF KILLING ANYONE. With a lethal handgun, pulling the trigger will change your life forever – legally, financially and psychologically. With the Byrna, there is no permanent injury or chance of death. There are no fatal or irreparable mistakes. Also, unlike a handgun, however, you do not need a license to carry the Byrna.

The  Byrna HD Ready Pepper Pistol is available in Black, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink and Tan.



  • Includes: Byrna HD
  • Spare 5-mag clip
  • 2 x CO2 cartridges
  • 1 x 5 round tube of self-defence pepper rounds
  • 1 x 5 round tube of training inert rounds
  • 1 x 5 round tube of training solid rounds



Calibre .68
Shooting Speed 300 feet per second
Effective At Up to 60 ft/18 M