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Aqualung Core ACD


First Stage

  • Auto-Closure Device
  • Yoke or DIN Available
  • “T” Shape port layout
  • 2 HP ports  and 4 LP ports
  • Braided Hose
  • Compatible with up to EAN 40 right out of the box

Second Stage

  • Comfo-Bite mouthpiece
  • Pneumatically Balanced for smooth, easy breathing
  • Venturi Knob for easy control
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Apeks AT
Apeks AT
First Stage
  • 1 HP port and 4 MP ports are available.
  • Available in DIN and yoke.
Second Stage
  • Pneumatically-balanced second stage results in smooth, easy breathing.
  • The integrated venturi control provides a performance boost at depth while preventing unwanted freeflow at the surface.
  • The Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece virtually eliminates jaw-fatigue.
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Apeks Flight
Apeks Flight
1st Stage
  • Strong skeletal body
  • In line hose position
  • 4 LP ports
  • 2 HP ports
  • 2 Shot moulded
2nd Stage
  • Pneumatically balanced
  • Strong skeletal body
  • Impact protection
  • Integrated Venturi System
  • Neutrally buoyant
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Apeks MTX-R Sidemount SET
Apeks MTX-R Sidemount SET
The MTX-R sidemount set is a super tough, rugged, high performance, go anywhere sidemount regulator configuration designed to meet the rigours of cold water and extreme sidemount diving. The MTX-R is highly reliable and also very easy to service out in the field which make it an ideal choice for the expedition and exploration diver.
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Apeks Sidemount Set
Apeks Sidemount Set

Sold as a complete set with:

  • 2 ea. XTX50 DIN regulators with 5 port swivel turrets
    • One XTX50 has a 83” / 210cm hose
    • One XTX50 has a 24” / 60cm hose
  • 2 ea. custom length MP inflation hoses (one for buoyancy system, one for drysuit)
  • 2 ea. brass pressure gauges with 6 inch hoses (units in PSI)
  • 1 ea. 90° elbow fitting
  • 1 ea. bungee necklace
  • 1 ea. stainless steel clip
  • 2 sets of short exhaust ports
  • Regulator bag to hold all
  • Setup illustration, CD manual and quick start guide
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Apeks Tek SET
Apeks Tek SET
TEK3 is sold as a complete set with:
  • 1 ea. LH TEK3 first stage
  • 1 ea. RH TEK3 first stage
  • 2 ea. XTX50 second stages
  • 1 ea. 2-metre hose
  • 1 std. length hose
  • 1 ea. regulator necklace
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Apeks XL4
Apeks XL4
1st Stage
  • Based on the expedition tested Apeks DS4 platform
  • Innovative over-moulded first-stage endcap
  • Environmental diaphragm helps prevent ice build-up
  • Heat exchanger diaphragm clamp increases the gas temperature
  • Unique over-balanced diaphragm design – superior performance at depth
2nd Stage
  • Compact and lightweight second stage improves comfort
  • High performance pneumatically balanced lever operated poppet valve
  • Large, over moulded self-flushing and controllable purge button
  • Ergonomic Venturi lever is easy to use and locate
  • Comfo-bite mouthpiece
  • Re-useable mouthpiece clip makes it simple to change mouthpieces in the field
  • Durable and flexible rubber exhaust tee provides excellent bubble diversion
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Aqualung CORE ACD Regulator

When comparing performance with price, the Aqualung Core bubbles up to the top. Rated as superior on the Ansti breathing machine and equipped with our unique Comfo-Bite mouthpiece, this feature-rich winner is the best value of any regulator on the market. Comes standard with Aqua Lung’s patented auto-closure device (ACD) for sealing water out.

First Stage

  • Auto-Closure Device Prevents corrosive water out of the first-stage inlet by automatically closing as the core is removed from the cylinder valve. This prevents internal lubrication from washing away and is safer for higher proportions of oxygen
  • Balanced Diaphragm A balanced diaphragm provides superior, consistent performance
  • Yoke or DIN Available in yoke (3,300psi/232 bar max.) or DIN (4,350psi/300 bar max.)
  • HP/MP Ports and “T” Shape 2 HP ports (7/16”) and 4 MP ports (3/8”), perfectly oriented in a “T” shape for streamlined hose positioning, reduced exhalation effort, and sending bubbles out of your field of view
  • Up to EAN 40 Compatible with up to EAN 40 right out of the box

Second Stage

  • Comfo-Bite Comfo-Bite mouthpiece is soft yet sturdy and reduces jaw fatigue with its unique palate bridge
  • Pneumatically Balanced Pneumatically balanced for smooth, easy breathing
  • Venturi Knob Easy control: the in-line ergonomic Venturi knob lets you make precise adjustments, even while wearing gloves