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Buddy-Watcher® SET

R3,610.00 R2,999.00

  • The first ever silent signal transmitter
  • Communicate with your buddy using vibration
  • No banging on tanks or using noisy shakers anymore!
  • 20m radius
  • Max depth: 40m
  • Suitable for salt water and fresh water
  • Device is maintenance-free
  • Rechargeable battery: polymer-lithium-ion battery
  • Battery is sufficient for 6 dives of 60 minutes
  • Battery lifetime: 300+ charging cycles
  • Charging with conventional USB chargers is possible
  • Important: Buddy-Watcher is not harmful for the marine environment
  • Future firmware upgrades: new functions can be transferred to the Buddy-Watcher with a firmware update


Introducing Buddy-Watcher

The Buddy-Watcher is the first silent underwater signal transmitter. Contrary to the acoustic function of horns and shakers, this device transmits a vibration and in that way the signal is only for your own buddy to feel. It is so easy – by pressing the call-button you cause a vibration of your Buddy’s device and shortly after you will have his attention. This makes diving SAFER and more enjoyable. If you loose your buddy you can now signal him/her with the simple press of a button.

  • Pure relaxation while diving, the system does not cause any noises because of the vibration
  • Simplified buddy to buddy communication with the permanent connection through ultra sound
  • Personified vibration alarm, only the own buddy receives the call-signal, everyone else will not be disturbed
  • Ideal for photo- and videographer, with a reach up to 20 meter
  • Noticeable on every wetsuit and drysuit

The Buddy Watcher Set is designed for two divers. In direct surrounding (radius 20m) it is possible for up to 10 buddy teams to dive without the devices influencing each other. Before the dive the Buddy Watcher have to be synchronized with each other. The devices are compatible. While diving, it is possible to do a buddy change by turning off the devices and synchronizing them new.

Will the vibration really capture my attention underwater? YES. Imagine having a 2001 Nokia 3210 strapped to your arm and receiving an SMS – that’s how your buddy will get your attention!

Whats in the box:

  • 2x Buddy-Watcher
  • 2x charging adapter
  • 2x USB-wire
  • Manual