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Scubapro Galileo HUD


  • Lightweight and easily mountable to mask
  • Easily flip up the HUD when not in use
  • Intuitive menu structure and push-wheel interface makes for effortless operation
  • Mask mount is compatible with a number of current SCUBAPRO masks
  • Full-color OLED 96x64p display lets you select DEFAULT, Tec, or Retro color configuration
  • Choice of 2 algorithms: Predictive Multi-Gas Buhlmann ZH-L 16 ADT MB PMG or ZH-L 16 GF
  • PMG algorithms offer Microbubble levels and Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops (PDIS)
  • Selectable dive modes: SCUBA, Gauge, Apnea and CCR
  • Trimix and Nitrox compatible, with advanced CCR functionality
  • Up to 8 selectable gases in SCUBA mode, plus 8 selectable diluent gases and 2 set points for CCR diving
  • Compatible with the SCUBAPRO Smart transmitter for hoseless tank pressure monitoring
  • Provides true remaining bottom (RBT) based on the workload from breathing
  • 3D full-tilt digital compass allows you to store 3 pre-programmed headings
  • Includes built-in GPS for surface navigation
  • Maximum Operating Depth: 120m
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 27 hours of dive time per charge in Power Save mode
  • 2GB memory stores 10,000 hours of diving
  • Download data via Bluetooth or USB cable. Compatible with Apple and Android devices using LogTRAK
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The Scubapro Galileo HUD Dive Computer is an innovative mask-mounted, hands-free dive computer designed to keep you fully immersed in your dive, so you can experience more freedom on your dive. Featuring a virtual, floating heads-up display that uses precision near-eye optics, it keeps your essential dive information right in front of you. Using the intuitive push-wheel knob, you can quickly navigate the customizable menu without having to look away, and the screen conveniently tilts up and out of the way before or after a dive, or any time you don’t need it. With the Galileo HUD, your dive data’s never looked so good.

Hands-Free Data
Super-convenient for photography and technical diver’s. Also, since you don’t have to raise an arm or reach for a console to check your dive data, the lightweight (neutrally buoyant) HUD allows you to maintain a more streamline profile moving through the water.

Single-Knob User Control
When it comes time to change screens or make-adjustments, an intuitive push-wheel allows you to access functions with one hand. Simply rotate it to navigate up and down within a menu or increase or decrease a user setting.

Flip-Up Hinge
Enables you to tilt the HUD display up and out of the way when not needed. When it’s time to resume data monitoring, simply tilt the display back down into position and you’re ready to track your dive.

Air Integration
Easily monitor tank pressure with wireless communication between computer and tank. The Galileo HUD also supports multi-gas diving. In fact, up to 8 trimix gases can be programmed for open circuit diving as well as closed circuit rebreather (CCR) diving. CCR decompression calculations are based on 2 set points.

Find your way topside with an integrated GPS or underwater with a full-tilt compass. The Galileo HUD has an internal GPS with a feature that allows waypoints to be deleted. The Galileo HUD also has a combat swimmer mode (NAVY) and is equipped with extended software that provides three additional military screens. They are designed specifically for combat swimming operations.

The Galileo HUD is fabricated with highly sophisticated electronic components. The crisp color changeable OLED display is extremely easy to read. This dual algorithm computer color OLED display is a 96 x 64 pixels design. The HUD can be downloaded and recharged via its USB port (mass storage/pen drive mode). HUD is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has a run time of 20-hours dive time. Charges fully in two hours via the USB cable. Unit has a digital depth sensor and is waterproof to 392′ (120 meters). The Scubapro HUD comes with a transmitter that is easily mounted in a 7/16″ high-pressure port of the first stage regulator, has dive modes of air, nitrox, trimix, gauge, apnea and closed-circuit rebreather and combat swimmer. The main display provides depth, total dive time and leg timer. The secondarily display screen provides leg timer, depth, compass, water temperature and battery voltage. The auxiliary display provides local time, maximum depth, water temperature and battery voltage. The HUD can be set for imperial (feet) or metric (meters) increments of measurements. Unit comes with an owner’s manual.

Enjoy the convenience of air integration without the hassle of a dangling hose. This low-profile Smart transmitter works with Scubapro’s most advanced dive computers. It screws into a 7/16″ threaded high pressure port on your first stage and relays tank pressure and true remaining bottom time (RBT) to the computer screen. The latest version features a built-in LED that gives you an estimate of pressure when the first stage is attached to a tank. This lets you know if the tank has gas without needing to activate the computer.

Easy to use, you only need to pair it to your computer once — the first time you use it. Coded transmission technology prevents interference between different dive computers. Powered by a user-replaceable CR2450 lithium battery that’s good for three years or 150 to 200 dives. LED Indicator Status: 1,450 psi (100 bar) and over: Slow short blinking — Greenlight. Between 1,450 psi (100 bar) and 725 psi (50 bar): Short double blinking –Orange light. Below 725 psi (50 bar): Long single blink — Red light. Transmitter comes with an owner’s manual.