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Weefine WF081 Smart Focus 7000 Video Light


  • Light Type Continuous Light / Strobe Light
  • High Brightness – 7000 lumen
  • 8000 lumen in strobe mode
  • 100 degree beam LED light
  • 10 steps of dimming of white, red, green and blue (UV) light
  • Long Burn Time, 50 min at the 7000 lumen setting
  • Flicker-free firmware design
  • Battery status and light mode display
  • Integrated Battery and Lighting Head
  • Superior water penetration and colour contrast
  • Excellent Colour Rendition
  • >50,000 hours average LED lifetime
  • Patented mechanical push button switch
  • Removable battery pack for safe travel.
  • Depth rated to 100 m (330 feet)
  • Double O-Ring Sealed
  • Wide range of mounting options
  • *Special order
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Weefine Diving equipment Smart Focus 7000 Video Light is one of diving gears specially designed for underwater photographer. We utilize a strobe mode that belongs to the patent design of the Weefine brand , which could effectively save energy to delay burning time of the diving flashlight. Weefine snorkeling gear Smart Focus 7000 Video Light is always under the standby mode no matter whether the user is in the state of shooting or not. For satisfaction shooting demand of the user ,the dive torch will automatically detect strobe signal of the camera through the optical cable when the user starts to film, at the same time diving light will adjust the strobe brightness to the highest intensity .

Weefine Scuba equipment Smart Focus 7000 Video Light has automatic shut-off function under the strobe mode as long as the user adjust the strobe brightness to 0% .The underwater flashlight will shut the focus light when the light sensor of light head detects frequent flashing, which will turn on again after one second .Shut-off function is not only to use focus but also to take photos as usual which makes the photo be close to the natural colour.

Weefine diving supplies Smart Focus 7000 Video Light utilizes super brightness COB integrated light source with 5700K color temperature. The side LEDs is made from two kinds of colours as Red LEDs, Blue LEDs. The photographer could set the appropriate light source to satisfy the needs of taking photos or shooting according to a different background.