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Paralenz Vaquita

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  • 12MP RAW + jpeg
  • 4K at 60fps
  • 4K HDR at 30 fps
  • 1080p at 240fps
  • True Color OLED 180x120p
  • Live View (Viewfinder, Dive Profile Overlay)
  • Patented depth-controlled colour correction
  • Auto-Record: Adjust your preferred depth and it switches on automatically and starts recording.
  • WiFi 2.4G (5Ghz), Bluetooth, USB
  • Aluminum Alloy construction
  • Quick-Release Coupling with Triple O-Rings
  • No extra housing needed


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The Ocean at your fingertips

Paralenz Vaquita is a small yet powerful underwater camera with a simple mission: to enable you to seamlessly capture and share brilliant underwater videos with the world. Get wet, discover the depths below, and make an impact. Every dive counts.


OLED Display: Frame your adventure

Keep a real-time overview of what you’re recording on the Paralenz Vaquita’s new True Color OLED screen. It also displays your dive profile along with the current depth and temperature information.


Up to 4K: Marine life just got really sharp

Capture Ocean life in all its details. Paralenz Vaquita’s updated technology delivers the smoothest and most vivid underwater videos up to 4K (4k 60fps / 1080p 240fps).


Intelligent Color Correction: Vivid colours, all the way down

Take back all those vivid colours you remember from your dive up to the surface. Paralenz Vaquita’s patented depth-controlled colour correction (DCC) automatically adjusts the white balance of your recording to the depth you’re diving at.


Auto-Record: More diving, less worrying

There is no more need to manually start your recording. Adjust your preferred depth level at which the Paralenz Vaquita automatically starts and stops recording.


Collect Ocean Data: Make every dive count

Paralenz Vaquita has a unique set of sensors that automatically track valuable Ocean data. Sharing your underwater videos and the Ocean data with our App allows marine scientists to learn more about the Ocean and help restore its health.


Built for the size of your hand

Vaquita’s high-grade aluminium body fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and can be easily operated with neoprene gloves. You can also attach it to your mask or to your gear.


Dive buddies. The camera and the app

Connect your Paralenz Vaquita to our free Paralenz App to transfer your recordings. Check your dives with the intelligent dive log and scroll through your media library. Proud of a shot? Simply edit it and share the video as a story with other divers. The best part: you help save our Ocean with every shared story.


Put your dive on the map

Turn your dive into a story and put it on the map – Inspire and get inspired! You can view dives from all around the world and get ideas for your next adventure.


Your Dives. Your Stories. Your Impact.

Any underwater camera can capture a dive. But does it speak for the Ocean? Every time you share a dive with the Paralenz App you share valuable Ocean data with researchers worldwide.