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Paralenz 3rd Person Viewer

Original price was: R2,350.00.Current price is: R1,997.50.

  • 1x Telescopic pole
  • 2x Floaters
  • 4x Floater mounts
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Record yourself in the middle of your recordings. The Third Person Viewer is a telescopic pole that is mounted on your BCD and films you from behind. Thanks to the included floaters, your Paralenz Vaquita stays neutrally buoyant in the water, making it very easy for you to move around freely while staying in control of your recordings. Attached to the Third Person Viewer, you can orient your Paralenz Vaquita to different angles to ensure that you include yourself perfectly in every shot. Also, you can use the Third Person View as an extended arm to record around corners, over walls, and to get closer to marine life.